The reshuffle of the Commission consisting of experts Secretariat of the Council of Ministers .. citizen: We reject the principle of (recycling) figures among ministries

2016-01-30 02:32:38 | (Voice of Iraq)

Citizen bloc rejected the principle of recycling figures between ministries, indicating that al-Abadi not consult anyone close to him but was unsuccessful in the reform decisions. A member of the bloc MP Salim home Shawki "We reject the principle of Tdoiralchksaat between the ministries," noting that "the figures should be built in accordance with professional standards and be the right person in the right place." He added that "al-Abadi consult not one but those close to him, was unsuccessful in the reform decisions." Shawki pointed out that "the mass is not satisfied with the reform steps taken by al-Abadi," noting that "reforms must be serious, radical, holistic, balanced, as well as to be unconstitutional." It is said that the Office of the Prime Minister announced that the Presidency of the Council of Ministers are currently studying the restructuring of some government ministries to ensure the provision of funds for the government, indicating that the restructuring of some ministries will include merging some departments in similar work. For his part, Deputy for the National Alliance revealed that the committee which was formed to conduct a reshuffle is made up of experts in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. The MP said the full-Zaidi "The formation of the committee is not enough without making sure of their liberation from the influence of political blocs and the pressures that may be exerted on them," adding that "the Commission if it moved away from the courtesies and political pressure and were professional in their work and diagnosed Heavily Baltrhl and corruption ministries we can say it's a good step ". Zaidi promised to "reconsider the work of ministries and evaluate Minister good step, especially that now the ball's playground government, after we were yesterday imagine that the government has lost the opportunity entrusted to her reform after the reference she called for reform and the fight against corruption even" Bh her voice, "They have a chance Gold can now seize. "