Economic and financial disasters .. rulers of "stealing" the state of stocks and politicians buy their real estate people's money

2016-01-29 14:44:07 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad / Hassan Shammari

Iraqis are living in government and people miserable economic situation is not enviable, after fears of a declaration of bankruptcy of the state and the stock of the Central Bank of Iraq, or "stolen" by the influential political parties, arguments have been exposed to the majority of Iraqis from activists and intellectuals, amid popular protests continuing demanded the prosecution of corrupt who They stole people's money, and warnings of a lack of "success" of those protests.

It is no secret to the one we are in a major economic crisis, and one of the solutions that the state will go to sell their property and possessions, and the problem that it will buy, of course is not a citizen knockout unchanged but that the buyer are the political parties that are alone have the funds currently purchase will not be real Baloosman, Thus commented Dr. Osama al-Saidi (professor of political science at the University of Mesopotamia) on the economic and financial crisis.

Dr. Saidi addressing Iraqis in a publication on Vsahth in "Facebook", saying that "to go every Friday to Tahrir Square is no longer" feasible ".

Dr. Atheer Ramahi is the other says that "the Central Bank steal," adding that "Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi said that there are 50 billion in the bank and a sign that the government Nawah to be used for strategic stockpiling located in the bank in order to overcome the current crisis."

Thefts hampered by laws

Ramahi explains that "the only obstacle to this issue is the central bank, which put Paul Bremer when he was chief civilian administrator in Iraq Act," noting that "this law prevents the government borrows from the bank unless you stop the resources of the Iraqi state in full, and the resources are not stopped down dramatically just below the stop. "

He adds that "This is a controversial point is the problem that occurred between the former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi and between Nuri al-Maliki when he was president of the government", recalling that "in 2008 decreased oil prices and the government wanted to use the inventories located in the bank but Shabibi said that the law does not allow I am and what I can to take part in the theft of a public process. "

And increases Ramahi citing Shabibi that "the amounts that would take the government will go in the operating budget is not an investment which is not any after investment something to the effect that the amounts will burn and end and that Iraq does not have the ability to compensate for material quickly and we are exposed to danger," noting that "Shabibi was forced after to leave the country, accusing him of corruption. "

Information campaigns

He notes the professor of political science at Baghdad University that "the power that govern us now are the same that were in control of the reins since 2006," warning that "the current government wants to borrow and withdraw inventories located in the bank and would seek to change the law, and will be preceded by a media campaign in which sycophants out academics, economists and even politicians who promote that inventories should be used to get rid of the crisis. "

Ramahi is expected to "sycophants will promote that all countries use inventories in the event of financial crises", warning that "those countries that are present and where power is not the robber Ksulttna, adding," our rulers steal themselves. "

And asks that "if given the funds Does the authority is able to play them well? Is Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari will present the interests of Iraq to the benefit of Barzani's party or that Planning Minister Salman Jumaili known Btaivih will provide the interest of Iraq on personal interests," warning by saying "all of these Iraq will say let him go to hell. "

Selling Real Estate State

Warns activists and economists, the pursuit of Iraqi political parties to buy state property operation "public theft",

These warnings come after the discussion of the Council of Ministers during a meeting Wednesday with representatives of the House of Representatives sale of property state and territory in order to maximize the resources due to the financial crisis experienced by the country, according to the statement by the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary member Ahmed Kanani. +

Kanani explains that "what is put forward at the meeting several topics most important to look at the collection of state funds and expand the resources of the state of the property, real estate and land through sale and lease," noting that "the more visions I went to sell it."

He added that "there are more than 20 proposal and 20 to see most of them are in the advancement of the Iraqi economy," adding that he "will be held frequent mini-committee meetings within these days in order to take some of the proposals, and after her studies are submitted to the Council of Ministers to be executed."

For its part, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee with the Integrity Commission formed committees to follow up the irregularities that accompanied the process of sale and ownership of real estate around the state it is fundamentalist and contrary to the law.

The House of Representatives ended its meeting last Thursday, the first reading of the draft law of the First Amendment to the sale and lease of state property No. 21 of 2013 Act.

500 drug Baghdadi, the disposal of the parties

It is noteworthy that the Baghdad Provincial Council, said that there are more than 500 drug, a State is still "at the disposal" parties, calling on the Council of Ministers to activate the real estate committee set up by the former.

It is noteworthy that, oil prices over the past week has seen a remarkable collapse which recorded the lowest level over the past 12 years as it reached for OPEC's basket of crudes and less than $ 30 for Brent.