Economist: payment on credit and an effective means to reduce corruption

January 29, 2016 9:29

Search an economist on the need to resort to alternative options available that allow re-circulation of economic activity and the formation of capital required to enhance the capacity of public and private spending in light of the continued pessimism of the oil market, performance is balanced between official producers and producers informal to achieve gains at the expense of another.
The economist said that contrary goldsmith economic performance depends on the principle of stimulus productive sectors during the recession and recession to give a dose of the economy enables it to its lifetime and enhance its ability to achieve the savings and maximize resources and operation of economic activities with high efficiency.
Jeweler promised to build a mechanism based on the non-traditional means of motivation on the economic performance of the country in the light of economic reality is characterized by the enormity of the size requirements and low financial returns.
It was suggested that the goldsmith in an interview carried by »Sabah» that processors range in order to avoid the implications of lower oil prices, including the crisis to encourage domestic and foreign investment process in some sectors such as hotels and tourist complexes, shopping centers and places of family entertainment and restaurants with international brands pointing out that it is an important and a key factor in raising the economic activity noting that work to the principle of single-window in government procedures and the use of e-government from the boosters to the chances of success in attracting investments and achieving efficient business environment, pointing out that the Iraqi business environment occupies sequence 161 from 189 in the rankings, according to global indicators in terms of investment operations.
Activate Partnership
He stressed the activation of partnership between the public and private sectors, especially in the sectors that achieve food security (industrial, agricultural) as well as construction industries and industries that rely on raw materials available (Kalsnaat leather, woolen, and clothing, glass).
Bridging the Gap
Goldsmith also suggested the need to bridge the gap in strategic projects and payment on credit in the utmost importance to the country projects as a sector (health, housing, infrastructure) being one of the vital sectors and job pointing out the importance of recognizing the size of the necessary funds through an agreement with the financial and technical capabilities of high international companies The operating principle of payment on credit for the completion of these mega projects and times of a suitable time.
Spending control
Jeweler and between that payment on credit and enable an effective means of reducing corruption and achieving transparency and efficiency of the exchange with the achievement of the objectives effectively.
He noted that the establishment of industrial cities and free zones a real opportunity to produce a work environment that supports economic activity and was able to accelerate development and increase competitiveness as well as enhance the gross domestic product (participation in capital generation), not to mention the transfer of knowledge and experience and raising the economic level of performance and the accompanying cut unemployment and enhance the purchasing power of citizens and create a real market activity responsive to the requirements and needs.
Real programs
He concluded Sayegh his speech by pointing out that to achieve change requirements and raise economic activity and improve the efficiency of government institutions and private sector performance levels requires a unified political will and a genuine desire for change with a clear vision features include real programs and clear targets and work to achieve high flexibility by the private and public sectors, each according to his role and potential for the purpose of creating a real economic activity and efficient work environment lift the country from the pressures it faces as a result of the state of public spending and the face of terrorism and to provide the requirements and needs of the displaced with the provision of monthly salaries and wages for workers in the state.