Kirkuk oil revenues missing and the city suffers indebtedness
2016-01-29 01:07:02 | (Voice of Iraq)

It seems that imports oil city of Kirkuk has become lost between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil, where are exported huge amounts of oil out of the city without the return of Kirkuk, Iraq's share of the revenues.

Kirkuk, management did not receive any money, which is called (petro dollars) from the Iraqi government about two and a half years ago so conservative officials wanted to get it across another road and demanding the Kurdistan Regional Government proceeds of petro dollars for oil, which is sold by it since July 2014, but that the demands of the citizens of Kirkuk and management remained unanswered because of the crisis experienced by the Government of the Territory.

Under the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil that the issue of the Kurdistan region (250) thousand barrels of oil per day and 300 thousand barrels of Kirkuk across Kurdistan oil pipeline - Ceyhan and deliver the proceeds to the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) for the disposal of which share 17 percent of the budget and the budget of the province of petro dollars to Kirkuk.

But Ahmed's military head of the oil and gas in the province of Kirkuk, told the "debate" that the proceeds of Kirkuk missing because of differences between the two sides and said, "We are not satisfied with the current by the Government of the Territory sale of petroleum politics of Kirkuk, because we do not know the volume of exports also Baghdad in turn, do not send us share Kirkuk from the budget. "

He said the military: "Baghdad has revenues of petro dollars for half of the total in 2013 and 2014 and did not send them and in 2015 was independently sell Kirkuk oil by the Kurdistan Regional Government, but the two governments do not they say keeps us from the proceeds of Kirkuk."

Kirkuk province and more than 200 billion dinars of petrodollar funds to Baghdad since the second half of 2013, which did not send the share of the budget of Kirkuk, Iraqi banks under the pretext of the absence of funds.

In 2014 Vtdan Baghdad to Kirkuk in the amount of (687) billion dinars of petrodollar funds, it has been during the 2015 export about 100 million barrels of maintaining oil to global markets and fetch up to about 200 million dollars were to determine the share of petro dollars per barrel of oil in the budget for 2015 had not also received by two dollars is not known what will be its fate.

Jamal al-born chairman of the Financial and Economic Committee in the province of Kirkuk's "Talk": that through these two years and a half year alone Kirkuk management has become indebted by about a trillion and 100 million dinars for projects in previous years and will the crisis will continue until 2016 that did not send the money the governments of the center and the region to Kirkuk. "

It owns the province of Kirkuk five oil fields of the North Oil Company controls the three of them which fields (Jamboree and baking and Babacrker) and two fields of them under the control of the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region and two (Bai Hassan and Havana) are exported five fields of oil over Kurdistan oil pipeline - Ceyhan to the world markets .

And issued the North Oil Company of the fields in which they operate (145-150) thousand barrels of oil per day through the Kurdistan oil pipeline are also exported (210-250) thousand barrels per day from fields operated by the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan region, which thus made conservative about (340 -400) thousand barrels of oil a day to world markets.

The Ministry of natural resources in the region in a report to the provincial government has sold in the month of December (December) of the 2014 total (18,105,734) barrels of crude oil, an average of (58 456) barrels per day, including four million and (601) thousand and ( 198) barrels of the North Oil Company fields at a rate of 148 thousand and 426 barrels per day without the ministry shows any fields mean fields of the North Oil Company.

An official source in the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Government of the Territory's "Talk": "The government of the province of Havana and Bai Hassan fields that belong to her for excellence in reporting on the oil fields in the Jamboree and Baba Karkar and baking.

He continues, citizens from across the province of Kirkuk budget lobbyists and point the finger to the center and the Governments of the region and the governor of Kirkuk as to maintain control of oil revenues while maintaining missing.

Said Adham Juma member of the group position on oil (a civic group formed two months ago) for "discussion": "The Governments of the region and the center and the governor of Kirkuk on our demands about the point of the proceeds of Kirkuk, so citizens are skeptical about the existence of an agreement to hide of Kirkuk petro dollars budget."

Juma said: "We give the governor of Kirkuk period to break his silence and that he did not have to respond we will begin to organize demonstrations and trying to stop the export of Kirkuk."