Chairman of the resumption of Maysan, the Federal Court demanding the implementation of the security services and judicial arrest warrants
20:54, January 27, 2016

Maysan - Security - opinion -
During his meeting with the commander of Iraq operations and looking him security developments in the province.
Mr. Chairman resumption of Maysan Federal Court Judge Mr. Mohammed Haider, commander of Iraq operations keep getting Lt. Gen. Jamil al-Shammari and police chief and deputy Nazim al-Saadi and directors of security services in the headquarters of the Presidency of the Court and discussed with them the security situation across the province.
He said at a time when the judiciary is making great efforts to issue arrest warrants for wanted judicially demand that security agencies need to implement the arrest of the Iraqi judiciary issued orders in order to achieve security and stability
He stressed that cooperation between the judiciary and the security of the institution would limit the crimes and return to stability and security to all urban areas and the implementation of all projects in order to enjoy full citizen Almisana calm
The President of the Court that the law is a reference to solve all the problems in particular clan, which increased recently which affect the stability of the province.
For their part, security leaders announced its full readiness to cooperate with the Iraqi judiciary regarding the implementation of judicial arrest warrants and the prosecution wanted in all areas of the province
MP Nazem al-Saadi praised the judicial institution and gentlemen judges in Maysan province, which is working on the realization of the right of all citizens and that's what touched through his wandering in the Iraqi provinces and this is, if anything demonstrates the integrity and independence of the judiciary expressed his thanks to Mr. President of the Court for his efforts to establish law enjoyed by the province of Maysan.
Ahmed Mohammed al-Zubaidi