Hakim: Iraq is facing a shortage of liquidity and not bankrupt

Wednesday 27-01-2016 | 6:24:18

Shafaq News / The head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim on Wednesday that Iraq is not bankrupt, but it suffers from a lack of financial liquidity.

Hakim said in a speech during the forum Wednesday Weekly that "the people of Iraq from the popular crowd, volunteers and the people of the tribes and the Peshmerga with their brethren of the sons of the armed forces were the dam invincible in front of the flood of terrorism, hatred and atonement in a moment the world stood shocked before expansion monster terrorist breaker crossed the border and swept the cities and villages safe ".

He stressed that "everyone is subject to evaluation in order to reach the best performance of a ministerial service to our people and our nation," stressing the need to "be the assessment scientifically and professionally away from the mood and personalization and making improvised."

He said al-Hakim "We still believe that the time compressor and there are a lot of important decisions unresolved lagging and procedures, and the frequency is still prevailing in the performance of the government."

And on the financial situation in Iraq, al-Hakim said that "Iraq is not bankrupt, but it suffers from a lack of financial liquidity and needs to be effective and innovative financial management to devise appropriate means to overcome this crisis, and a growing awareness of our people to understand and support the right steps required in the reforms."

In a separate context, follow-Hakim "We hope that the brothers, especially the ambassadors to be more accurate and careful, realistic and objective in assessing the facts on the ground, and we hope our brothers to be supportive factor to unite Iraqis and not to fall in misinformation or political."