To approve the implementation of some projects, including Diwaniya, 400-bed capacity hospital
2016-01-27 04:01:07 | (Voice of Iraq) - Diwaniyah

The local government announced in the province of Diwaniyah get approval from the Ministry of Planning to implement a number of projects, including maintaining hospital project with a capacity of 400 beds and a number of schools in accordance with the payment on credit system.

The director of the Department of contracts in Diwaniya, Ahmad al-Khalidi Radio Marbad The Ministry of Planning also approved the request of the local government in the province of Diwaniyah to increase allocations to support the Poverty Reduction Strategy Program.

He added that he was excluded project to rebuild the shrine of Imam Abou El Fadl the son of Imam Kadhim, peace be upon them from the austerity measures and the redeployment of project funds to the General Secretariat of the noble shrines in Iraq.