Shabandar reference carries the responsibility of the post-2014 events

2016-01-27 04:13:04 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Carrying former House member Izzat Shahbandar religious authority responsible for the events of the post-2014, as pointed out that the Iraqis are now Atrahmon on the buried Saddam was executed, including the last one of his relatives.

Shabandar said in an interview televised that the religious authority contributed significantly to the lack of pay Nuri al-Maliki third of the state, but in spite of being served a good work while prevented al-Maliki from third term, they bear the brunt of disadvantages of post-Maliki stage because it did not provide the best alternative. " As he pointed out that the Iraqis are now Atrahmon the days of Saddam buried, including those executed last one of his relatives.

And cross-Shabandar his belief that reference have to pay today toward changing or amending the constitution, stressing that the Iraqi constitution is considered one of the main reasons for the destruction of Iraq and devote political quota system and the depth of sectarian, ethnic and Almkoonatih at the expense of citizenship, also stressed the need to go towards the presidential system of government.

He continued, that no one had any today can not make any change in Iraq in the presence of this corrupt political class and its arms rooted in all aspects of the state, stressing that "God" is the only one capable of changing the situation of Iraq and Iraqis.

He pointed out that the support of the Supreme religious authority for the formation of the Shiite alliance beginning of establishment of the political process after the fall of the Baath regime was a mistake, as he emphasized that the reference deceived collection of thieves and corrupt after he wore a turban and Osamua foreheads and Takhtmwa perjury and Zoukoa conversations in terms of religious and words, he explained that the Shiite alliance of all its components is who bears the bulk of the responsibility for all appendices of the destruction of Iraq and the sabotage and corruption.

Shabandar He pointed out that political Islam in Iraq has ended forever, adding that all those who had entered the realm of the political process in Iraq, a proponent of Islam religion and worldly lost because they were not only corrupt wore dress religion.