Infallible: the necessity of activating cooperation between Iraq and Japan on the ground

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, during a meeting with chairman of the Japan International Cooperation Agency [JICA], on the necessity of activating cooperation between Iraq and Japan and translate it into the ground.
He said a presidential statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of the infallible "received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad this morning the President of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency [JICA] Shinichi Kitaoka, and his accompanying delegation in the presence of the Japanese ambassador to Iraq, Fumio Iwai, welcomed infallible b Shinichi Kitaoka. "
The statement quoted infallible emphasis on "the importance of activating bilateral cooperation between Iraq and Japan and translate it effectively on the ground, in various service areas and programs of the Iraqi human capacity building and support infrastructure."
He pointed out that "Iraq aspires future and not on the potential to play an active role in supporting countries in need of support, as well as the convergence of views between the countries of the region and its peoples and to enhance the stability and prosperity".
Masum said that "Iraq is taking the initiative in the war against terrorism, which is threatening the whole world, without exception," stressing "the need for continued support and assistance of the international community for Iraq and doubled in humanitarian and military and logistical aspects of the diverse."
For his part, praised the president of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, according to the statement, "the victories achieved by Iraq against terrorism, especially in Anbar," he said, adding "Japan's interest in supporting the reconstruction of Iraq in the liberated areas projects."
He pointed out that "his government has agreed to provide financial assistance to Iraq intended to facilitate the return of displaced persons to their original home areas," .