Planning: more than 743 billion dinars Basra share of petrodollars and regional development this year

The Ministry of Planning announced that Basra province's share of the petro-dollar project allocations and balancing regional development for 2016 of more than $ 743 billion dinars.
According to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, it's "I discussed with the local government of the province of Basra, the reality of service and investment projects ongoing in the province in light of the recent Council of Ministers instructions relating to the provision of facilities and exceptions to the governorate of Basra."
He pointed out that "the Ministry of Planning held an expanded meeting jointly chaired by Undersecretary for Technical Affairs Maher Hammad with the participation of the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui and agents of Finance and Construction and Housing, municipalities and water resources, and representatives of a number of ministries and ministries as well as heads of departments Basra province and the agent managing the Ministry of Planning Qasim care sort.".
The meeting was also attended by the Directors-General for a number of departments, including the Ministry of Planning, Director General of the Department of Government investment sectors and general manager of planning department and general manager of regional and local development department and a number of experts in the ministry.
He said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning Maher Hammad During the meeting, according to the statement that "this meeting comes in the light of the directives of the Council of Ministers after the recent its meeting held in the province of Basra, as well as guidance and planning minister Salman Jumaili after his meeting with the Governor of Basra and head of its board," noting that "Basra province's share of the petro-dollar for the year 2016 647 billion and 453 million dinars will be as conservative allocations will be within the regional development program of 96 billion and 355 million dinars. "
The statement pointed out that "During the meeting, the discussion of the reality of a number of ongoing projects in the province and the mechanics completed in the current financial crisis, which Busbandha Iraq and the need to search for sources of financing either through execution style or put on credit investment opportunities."
For his part, the governor of Basra that "the government has taken a number of important measures to address the reality of ongoing projects," adding that "there are 425 projects being implemented was the settlement of 81 projects, the percentage completed 90 per cent and exceeded the cost of 564 billion dinars, while the inventory of projects is priority the current stage and number of 158 projects and 413 delete another project at a cost of about 3 trillion dinars. "
Nasraoui and pointed out that "projects, which are priority task but he also said" emergency electric power projects for 2016 numbered 67 projects at a cost of 166 billion dinars, and there are 31 projects worth 831 billion reached 186 projects with a value of the remaining funds to complete 1 trillion and 213 billion dinars. " dinars have been excluded from the decision of the Committee on Economic Affairs for the purpose of direct out during the current year ".