The governor of Basra: obtaining 50% of the imports conservative circles


he governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui announced the development of an emergency plan to obtain funds from imports and state departments in the province for the purpose of maximizing resources and treasury Basra exceeded year austerity and the lack of appropriations allocated to the province by the central government.

A statement of the governor's office in Basra Majed Nasraoui governor as saying, that "the province has opened an account in a bank in order to obtain fifty per cent of imports departments to supplement the treasury of Basra financial, to enable them to support the vital and service sectors in the province, particularly health, education and municipalities."

The statement added, "The Nasraoui during an expanded meeting held at the Office of the province in the presence of government departments service eight managers movable powers as well as the presence of a number of specialists in the field of economics of the University of Basra on Tuesday, stressed the" go to those emergency plan and applied in accordance with the law of 21 average and which will contribute in obtaining funds increased by fifty per cent of government departments that have imports. "

On obtaining the money from the federal government to support the projects of Basra, confirmed Nasraoui, according to the statement, that "the operating budget funds in the province amounted to zero earlier this month, because the local government did not receive any funds from the central government."

With regard to the draft of the dam and desalination plants, said the governor, "The Ministry of Finance has allocated $ 10 million for the selection of two advisory bodies of the two projects," pointing to "give a period of 15 days to the Ministry of Water Resources and municipalities to provide their requirements to the Ministry of Planning to start the stages of advertising for the two companies Ala_i_areeten and thus provide own draft of the dam and desalination plants study. "

Nasraoui and concluded by saying that "the federal government called for the allocation of $ 500 million in order to implement projects due to their strategic importance to the province