Parliament wonder: we voted on the reforms .. Where are they?

Tuesday 26 January 2016 | 17:56

BAGHDAD / .. wondered Rep. Habib Terminal, Tuesday, for the reforms voted on by Parliament, while stressing the need to be applied on the ground.

The Terminal's "Eye Iraq News" that the "host-Abbadi important to know about the real reasons that prevent the application of the reforms promised by the reference and the people," noting that "the interrogation of al-Abadi is now possible reasons for the fact that the non-application of the reforms is not known."

Called "Abadi, to be honest with the House of Representatives in the event of his presence on the reasons for non-application of the reforms and those who are impeding the application," denying that "reforms be taken individually from Abadi reason not to apply the reforms on the ground."

It is noteworthy that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, last year announced the launch of three reform packages, most notably the dismissal of a key Congress of the Republic and the Minister, with the voice of the House of Representatives voted unanimously on Abadi reform package. Ended 9