The Government plans to launch financial bonds worth $ 2 billion

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Detection of economic adviser to the President, Khalifa Al-Zubaidi, on Tuesday, the Government's intention to launch bonds worth two billion dollars during the coming period and rewarding benefits.

He said Zubeidi/scales news that "the Government will take a number of measures to resolve the financial crisis facing the country and address the austerity budget in 2016."

He said the President's economic adviser, said "such actions launched bonds worth $ 2 billion and sold directly to citizens," adding that "the Government will determine the high benefits and rewarding for coaxing citizens buying bonds.

This "Economic Adviser of President Khalifa Al-Zubaidi to balance news, earlier, the Government's inability to ensure employee salaries without international loans and loans to the Central Bank, indicating that the loans will provide salaries for six months." finished 29/h 33