America uses the Kurdistan region to overcome its financial crisis

America uses the Kurdistan region to overcome its financial crisis

26-01-2016 01:00 PM
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Iraq announced the Kurdistan Regional Government, for its agreement with the United States to send experts economy, in order to help the region to prepare plans to overcome the financial crisis that swept.

The agreement between the two sides during a government meeting with a delegation from the US embassy in Iraq in the presence of Ambassador Stuart Jones, during which they discussed the financial crisis experienced by the region, which caused the deterioration of the economy after the recovery phase lasted for the period between 2007 and 2013, according to a statement issued by the Government of the Territory yesterday.

The statement said that cutting the share of the Kurdistan region of Iraq's general budget by the central government in Baghdad, and the war against al-Daash and the resort of huge numbers of refugees and displaced persons to the region and the decline in oil prices caused the economic crisis.

And trying Government of the Territory, home to 5.5 million people, reduce spending to save money, but the fiscal deficit is still large. The government paid a monthly salary of about 1.4 million of its citizens among employees in service and retired, which cost the government treasury $ 730 million a month, while the government revenue of less than $ 500 million a month.

KRG seeks to persuade the United States financed its war against Daash, so that he can provide the money spent on the war in order to pay civil servants' salaries sectors.
The government announced last week that it suffered two billion dollars as expenses for the war in the period from August / August 2014 until the same month of 2015.

The region depends mainly on oil in the main access to funds, in addition to an estimated $ 100 million dollars a month internal resources.
Because of delays in the government for the payment of staff salaries for four months, sectors of the staff in the province of Sulaymaniyah announced one of the provinces of the region for industrial action, while some government departments decided to reduce the staff time of 5 days per week to two days.

In addition to benefiting from the experiences of US advisors, the government plans to hire an international company to work on the audit of oil revenues account issued by the region of $ 600 thousand barrels per day, according to the secretary of the Council of Ministers, Amang Rahim in a press statement.
Rahim said, that the Government of the Territory also need foreign companies to introduce some electronic systems in the area of ​​payment of salaries, and the application of electronic fingerprint system instead of the current traditional system, in order to reduce the multiplicity of salary per employee.