The document addresses the Parliament .. Maliki as Vice President of the Republic despite the ratification of the decision to cancel the post-Abadi

January 25, 2016 17:11

BAGHDAD - Baghdad News .. after the House of Representatives approved the cabinet decision to cancel the posts of Vice-President of the Republic, he returned again to address the Nuri Kamal al-Maliki as deputy Fuad Masum, by providing an invitation to him to attend the opening session of the eleventh session of the council members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
According to the document of the Department of Public Relations and Protocol House of Representatives received Baghdadi News, a copy of the "circle and extended an invitation to Nuri al-Maliki in his capacity as Vice President of the Republic to attend the opening session of the eleventh session of the Boards of the Member States."
Parliamentary Legal Committee and demanded earlier, the presidents and ministers to expedite the preparation of a draft law defines the role or eliminates the post of vice-president.
The committee member said Sadiq chewing gum in an interview with / Baghdadi News /, that "this requires of the presidents or ministers prepared a draft law defines the role of the work of the Vice-Presidents or their number, or Algaihm final and submit it to the parliament," pointing out that "in this case will become dismissal mechanism purely legal and constitutional, and it will be ruled by law. "
The Federal Supreme Court has deferred consideration Bdautin Mekdmtin by the president of a coalition united Osama Najafi, to challenge the decision of the abolition of the post of Vice-President of the Republic for the purpose of completing legal procedures, and to provide the parties to the lawsuit Oaiham Reply.
It is noteworthy that the voice of the Council of Ministers on 11 of the month of August, agreeing to government reforms, which included the abolition of the main positions of the Republic and the Vice-Minister pack.