Parliamentary Finance: The government rejects any foreign loan depends on high interest rates

01/25/2016 13:17 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Monday that the government had no intention of taking loans from countries with high interest rates or foreign companies, indicating that it met with the Finance Minister in the previous period to reject any external loan depends on the benefits.

Said committee member Husam punitive L / scales News /, that "the subject of borrowing from the World Bank's fund is a direct loan and very few benefits, due to the contributions of the international Iraq and its participation in the fund, he has the right to withdraw money from him in the event of a financial crisis such as States Other, as It imposes binding by spending conditions in the provision of services to citizens. "

He punitive, that "there is no significant damage as a result of this loan, and the government has no intention to take loans from countries or foreign companies is the high interest" .anthy 29/38