Issawi: non-payment of taxes and tax collection led to reduce imports in the budget

BAGHDAD / justice - 00:34 - 01/24/2016

Stressed the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary Yahya al-Issawi, said that "non-payment of taxes and receipt of the collection led to reduce imports in the Iraqi budget." He said al-Issawi told {Euphrates News}, that "the disabled to pay taxes and receive collection services in terms of electricity and water has led laws to reduce the imports for the budget Iraq, especially "He pointed out that" the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of the Conference {Davos} economic evidence that he wants to develop and work ", he underlined that" there are side agreements with economic countries in terms of attracting investments to Iraq. "He added that he There is no solution to get out of the economic crisis only through investment, which should be instrumental in increasing rents for the Iraqi economy .obin that "there must be bilateral meetings with industrialized countries, agricultural, and with the producing countries in order to improve the economic reality, as You must build factories; in order to promote the economic reality in the country. "