Parliamentary Economy: Real Estate sale and rent State contributes to the control of the financial crisis
He wrote: January 24, 2016

Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Harith al-Harthy, said on Sunday that the sale and rental of state funds will help to get rid of the current economic crisis experienced by the country, stressing the need to take advantage of the natural resources and the suit to supplement the state budget amounts diversified away from dependence on oil prices .

He said Al-Harthy said in a press statement that "the state is now in a state of austerity, where she worked to find resources added to the Treasury for control of the economic situation worsened as a result of lower oil prices," adding that "the state is doing too many studies in order to be applied on the ground to raise funds in order to cover the budget deficit. "

He added, "The first draft amendment to the Law of sale and lease of state property, which ended cabinet read a good step attributing the cause to the law he would work to promote the financial and economic crisis the country is experiencing."

He pointed out, that "rely on other resources will benefit to the economic growth in Iraq as a result of the crisis experienced by the country," stressing "the need to take advantage of the natural resources and all that is available within the Iraqi state."