Two: the adoption of a developmental approach enhances the country out of its economic crisis

1/24/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD joy pumice
Urged the two economists stakeholders to draw a clear economic vision and economic approach is linked to the government to work, to build the Iraqi economy with the dimensions of development work on solving dilemmas that Tjabha.

They also emphasized the need to attract universities and institutes specialized output of the economy to take their positions in state institutions, as well as engaging experiences and competencies in decisions concerning the economic aspects, in a move to the country out of the crisis, which is going through.

In this regard, said Deputy Chief Economist Association on behalf of Antoine to the need to attract young graduates who specialize in economics and took their positions in state institutions, and benefit from the activities of the intellectual and cultural Assembly, as well as the application of international experiences in the transition toward a market economy, as stipulated by the Constitution, noting that the Economists Association is one of the important references in support of the economic file in the country.

For his part, researcher Dr. Falah Sudani called on the competent authorities to develop a clear economic vision in line with the government program, and expand the partnership between government and the private sector, in addition to developing sound foundations for the transition from a centralized economy to a market economy. Sudan also stressed the importance of the economic benefit from the talent and expertise and capabilities in building the country's economy, besides he urged that the Advisory Economists Association be President of the Government to develop a clear economic approach works to solve the housing crisis, and the problem of unemployment.