Fatlawi: Barzani cancer in the body of the state will not recover unless the body is the eradication of cancer

Politics 01/23/2016

and described the head of the will of the MP Hanan al movement, Saturday, President of Iraqi Kurdistan outgoing Massoud Barzani b "Cancer" in the body of the Iraqi state, while the government and leaders of the blocs called for "not be tolerated" person "loss of legitimacy". She Fatlawi in a statement commenting on the recent Barzani's remarks briefed "Iraq law," a copy of it, that "Massoud Barzani cancer in the body of the Iraqi state and will not this body recover unless eradicate this cancer", expressing regret for "Scott and prostration Iraq's leaders and his government These calls cacophony calling for the break up and destroy Iraq. " She Fatlawi, that "can not be silent about a person lost legitimacy for being outgoing and he does not now enjoy any legal status," calling the three heads of government and leaders of the blocs to "announce clearly their position on this call, and not to take the development of ostrich toward such calls, or else The history Sanhm one by one. " The Barzani called during an interview with the newspaper "The Guardian" the British on Friday (January 22, 2016) to the recognition of the "failure" Sykes-Picot agreement, which painted the current borders of the Middle East, asking them to mediate in the Sykes-Picot new agreement paves the way for "Kurdish state" .