Abbadi accused the Central Bank Advisor policy garbled and inconsistent
January 23, 2016


Economic Affairs Adviser, accused the Prime Minister, Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge Central Bank policy of "garbled and inconsistent" with the financial crisis in the country.
And carried Al-Anbuge told News Agency obtained by our economy, "the Central Bank responsibility for monetary policy and inconsistent with the current time, it is motivational, when the Bank lent banks limits 6.5 trillion dinars to support investment in important productive sectors to face the massive slide into recession may lie ahead, a true support", stating that "this recession we will slide him probably stemmed from Iraq's revenue decline from foreign currency."

He stressed if "Central Bank" to maintain a high rate of the dinar against the dollar for fear of compromising the Iraqi dinar, the Iraqi economy as a whole would be threatened, and we will put the economy at the top of the sweeping crisis rather than put it in the corner of the less dangerous.