Finnish immigration: the majority of Iraqis no longer have a desire to stay


Agence France-Presse reported that a large number of Iraqis who arrived in Finland in 2015 are no longer wish to remain in this country, where he was giving up 70 percent of the asylum demands, according to the Finnish Immigration devices.

Statistics show that out of 3,700 Iraqis applied for asylum has been studied in 2015, the withdrawal of more than 2,600 disappeared or request of their owners.

He is responsible for asylum in immigration Juha Semela hardware issues: "They say that family affairs in their countries of origin forcing them to return to them. Some of them find an atmosphere hostile to Finland and some do not stay because of the atmosphere of darkness in the fall and the winter cold."

He added that Iraqis abandon their applications because of the length of the study.

20500 was submitted an application for asylum from Iraqis in 2015, accounting for 63 percent of the requests for asylum in Finland, but only 3,700 of them are not studying.

In October / October Finland authorities made ​​it difficult for the Iraqi asylum procedures, given that their country has become safer than it was in the past.