Demonstrations protesters: the campaign "one million signatures" to prosecute corrupt


Friday, January 22, 2016

As set off protests in Baghdad and other provinces demanding real reforms and confront corruption protesters began a campaign to collect one million signatures calling on the government to prosecute corruption and bringing capital into the trials and recover money looted .. As he met in Basra, dozens of activists of the provinces with the aim to agree on the formation of opposition political bloc be a substitute for the demonstrations.

In Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, thousands of demonstrators demanded real reforms and work on accounting spoilers and the elimination of corruption and implementation of further reforms in state institutions. The demonstrators also called on the government to ensure that the salaries of contract workers and daily wages and the provision of services and raised slogans demanding bread, freedom and the state of civil and social justice. They also called for purging the judiciary of corrupt and prevent spoilers from traveling outside the country and to issue an arrest warrants.

In the city of Nasiriyah, capital of Dhi Qar province (375 km south of Baghdad has Protesters stressed the need for the corrupt accountable and make thieves of public money to the judiciary and called for better services. In Basra (550 km) south of Baghdad demonstrators demanded the implementation of reforms, including the fight against financial and administrative corruption in government institutions and improve the services and the implementation of local government reforms were announced earlier.

In the city of Sulaimaniya (330 kilometers) north of Baghdad Hundreds demanding reforms and improve the conditions of citizens, but the strength security went to the demonstration site and has dispersed. called on demonstrators in the city of Kut, capital of Wasit province (160 km south of Baghdad) to limit arms possession to the state and to hold corrupt officials.

Saw Samawah Muthanna province (220 km south of Baghdad) Hundreds of citizens demanding better services and the implementation of government reforms and the sacking of corrupt and hold them accountable .. They stressed Astmrariham Ptzepehrthm Despite the poor response to their demands by the federal and local government. They demanded to disclose the financial accounts of the officials, warning of delays and lack of seriousness of the reforms loaded Abadi responsibility of weakness.

But in Amara, the capital of Maysan province (365) south of Baghdad has called Demonstrators to corrupt officials accountable attended the arms of the state, and the fight against corruption and operation of the plants and factories idle and encourage national industry in this province.

In Diwaniyah province, protesters demonstrated at the center of Diwaniya (180 km) south of Baghdad, demanding the implementation of broader reforms and denouncing the Turkish military incursion into Iraqi territory. In the province of Babylon, hundreds have demonstrated in front of the provincial council building at the center of Hilla (100 km) south of Baghdad, demanding reforms and the dissolution of the house .. and called on the local government to the seriousness of the collapse of services and infrastructure treatment and confirmed their anger to rising unemployment and rampant crime.

But the people of the province of Karbala has demonstrated in position of Karbala (110 km) south of Baghdad, demanding to hold accountable the perpetrators of corrupt and violating the country's sovereignty. In Najaf province, hundreds protested at the center of Najaf (160 km south of Baghdad) Dozens of people renewing their demands for the implementation of reforms and the fight against corruption and stressing continued their demonstrations until their demands investigation. Activists also decided to establish a gathering of Tenseekiet between protesters and raised the slogan of "One Million Signatures Campaign to reveal the financial corruption."

Witnessed yards demonstrations in the provinces of the country, the expansion of the One Million Signatures campaign to uncover corruption and prosecute a campaign seeking to collect a million signatures on a special form prepared for this purpose in order to move the activity civil, and activating the role, and the diversification of instruments for trapping corruption. And it carried the signatures the first names of a group of cultural, intellectual, academic and political and civic figures as noted a positive response to the campaign and engage in volunteering to clone Astmartha and collecting signatures in an encouraging phenomenon indicates a desire to volunteer work, particularly work to save public money and retrieval of the hands of adults muggers as Jassim Hilfi one said protests against his network of social networking leaders and seen "Culture" on them.

Earlier in the day during Friday prayers in the southern city of Karbala was accused of certified reference top Shi'ite cleric in Iraq, Ali al-Sistani successive governments after the fall of the former regime of squandering the nation's money thefts and stressed that the differences between the political forces mostly personal and factional and zonal called to bear arms, however, the state and demanded an economic process to save the country from financial Haunted stifling policies.

Protesters provinces make up the opposition political front and destination met in the southern city of Basra today dozens of activists of the organizers of the demonstrations taking place in some provinces for five months in a coordinating conference aims to agree on the formation of opposition political bloc as an alternative to the demonstrations lost momentum., Said activist within coordinating demonstrations in Basra Haider Salman said that "dozens of activists in Tenseekiet demonstrations of the provinces, including Baghdad, Dhi Qar, Maysan and Muthanna, Karbala, Najaf, Diyala, Sulaimaniyah participate in the General Conference of the demonstrators, who kicked off today and lasts for two days" .. pointing out that "the conference aims to discuss on the formation of the opposition bloc are active outside the process Political We suggested her name (the National People's Front for reform)."

He pointed out that" the demonstrations that came out over the past months have not achieved their objectives the core, including the requirement concerning the dismissal of the accounting corrupt officials and losers as the demonstrations lost momentum and impact, "adding that" the establishment of opposition political bloc is Perfect replacement for demonstrations during the current stage. " He said that activists in the demonstrations of the participants in the conference vary their views on the roles and political tasks that can inform the proposed bloc founded and which not to participate in the next elections in 2018.

For his part, civil rights activist Samir Rahim al-Maliki said in a statement quoted by the agency "Sumerian Leoz" from Basra "The General Conference of the demonstrators Iraq is the actual beginning of the formation of a strong and pressing political bloc play the role of opposition motivated to achieve reform, especially since the block will include a group of activists and owners of talent who Athlon patriotism and integrity" .. adding that "the existence of opposition political forces is necessary to evaluate the political process in countries with democratic regimes."

Maliki said that" the new cluster is expected to participate in the upcoming elections both at the level of provincial councils or the House of Representatives but is unlikely to participate in the government, ".. pointing out that" the conference, which was held in one of the civil halls do not stand behind him or supported by any party or political figure has demonstrators participated in the donation in order to cover the expenses the same way you will get political bloc on funding after the agreement on its establishment."

The Abadi and within the reforms launched by the ninth of August packs (last August) has canceled the posts of Vice-Chairman Three of the Republic, and the positions of the three vice-prime minister, also exempted 123 Deputy Minister and Director-General from office were referred to the retirement .. and also reduce the number of cabinet posts to 22 instead of 33 decided by abolishing the three positions of deputy prime ministers and four ministries and merge eight ministries only-four to make it. He also cut the salaries of senior officials and the abolition of the majority of the elements of Hamayatem and return them to the security forces.

Testifies Iraq for about five months since the demonstrations wide protest in which protesters demanded the support of the reference Sistani, the fight against corruption and to hold corrupt and an end to the politicization of the judiciary and the provision of services, especially water and electricity.