Speaker: 40 countries participating in the conference .. parliaments and Baghdad will receive 12 president

2016-01-23 00:12:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Amid a parliamentary boycott and narrowing the Iraqi media, and continued to the Arab and Islamic parliaments Conference its third day in a row.

Among the 58 countries and brought her invitations, she did not attend only 6 heads of parliaments, while the participation of a delegation of 40 degrees, as the conference has seen a Gulf County with the exception of Kuwait and Oman authority.

It boycotted the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives acts of Arab and Islamic parliaments conference, in protest against the marginalization and away from management meetings. The parliamentary women's committee also announced a boycott after it took over one of the Islamic Party members preside over the meetings of the Committee on Women in the conference.

Congress did not receive coverage in the press for decent international event seen in the capital, Baghdad, after removal of the local media for coverage of the opening session.

However, House Speaker seemed optimistic about the size of parliamentary attendance, confirming the continuation of the arrival of the Arab and Islamic delegations.

Kuwait and occupied the first place the size of representation and submitted, and followed all of the Afghan delegation then Algerian, then the delegation of the Republic of Mali, with all absent from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.

According to the adviser, the head of the Iraqi parliament from 28 countries members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference participated in the Arab and Islamic parliaments conference.

In an exclusive statement to (long) yesterday, Parliament Speaker Salim al revealed that "the number of representatives to participate in the conference of the Parliamentary Union of the Islamic countries, which embraced Baghdad countries, arrived so far to 40 delegations from different Arab countries and Islamic, including 12 heads of Parliament."

He said al-Jubouri, "Friday we received six heads of Islamic Parliaments in the hope that up in the next 24 hours six other presidents," pointing out that "all of Iran, Turkey, Kuwait, Syria, Algeria and Mali took part the President of the Parliament."

The president of the Parliament Conference that "as a carnival for all Arab and Islamic countries and we will look through these meetings to find solutions to the security and economic problems and the fight against extremism and combat by finding an appropriate mechanism helps to eliminate all crises."

In turn Iyad Namik occur, the Secretary General of the House of Representatives, that "the number of members of the parliaments of countries in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation up to 54 countries were sent to all these countries invited to participate in this conference."

He said Namik, told the (range), said that "there are countries that did not participate in this conference either because it just came out of the legislative elections, was elected the presidium of parliament such as Egypt and Azerbaijan, which Aatdhirta in the beginning, but we've met yesterday, Deputy Speaker of the Egyptian Parliament."

And confirms the Secretary General of the Iraqi Council of Representatives that "all conferences parliaments of Islamic countries, which was held earlier did not take place in full quorum," but he pointed out that "the participating delegations reached a full quorum at a rate of 40 countries," expected to testify on Saturday, the arrival of parliamentary delegations and other including the delegation of the Sultanate of Oman.

And Bhono Almngabh delegations, Namik Iyad pointed out that "Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Bangladesh, Senegal and other notable absentees from the conference," expected the arrival of the number of participating delegations to 42 Arab and Islamic countries during the closing session.

Kuwait came in first place among the most states participate in this conference, followed by Afghanistan, Algeria, and the Republic of Mali.

Said Mohammed Abu Bakr, head of the media committee of the Conference, "The State of Kuwait came first place in terms of the number of its representatives and its presence and then Afghanistan, then Algeria and Mali."

He said Abu Bakr, told the (range), that "there are internal problems hindered the presence of some countries or the security landscape in Iraq may be to prevent the presence of other," did not rule out the existence of and behind the boycott by some Arab and Islamic countries is politically motivated.

But the media committee official confirms that "the conference was held at full quorum and that of its committees to convene as a continuous Subcommittee on Women held its meetings to the attention of the affairs of Islamic women as well as the Economic Commission was held today and discussed the most economic challenges."

Abu Bakr and points out that "these meetings looking for possible ways out of the challenges facing the Islamic countries through solutions that permit the provision of visions and ideas to resolve these crises."

Of Mohammad Sabah