Iran begins to export oil to Europe next month

Date: 01/22/2016 23:11

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"The Wall Street Journal," the US newspaper reported that Iran plans to launch oil exports to EU countries on the basis of February next mid-League.

The paper disclosed in an article published Friday January 22 and on the basis of close to Iranian officials in Tehran sources that "the National Iranian Oil Company", state-owned, began preparations for the export of at least one million barrels of oil to the European Union.

The newspaper pointed out that this Iranian activity is the first of its kind since the lifting of the ban on the import of Western countries, the Iranian oil and the abolition of the sanctions imposed on Tehran.

This states that the newspaper did not buy this batch of oil determines, but noted at the same time that the volume of exports of Iranian oil will increase within the next three months.

The "Wall Street Journal" that Iran promised that the volume of additional oil to the exports after the abolition of sanctions 500 thousand barrels per day in the next few months to up to one million barrels.

The newspaper quoted one of its sources as saying that the bulk of this oil will be exported to Europe, while the other part will be directed to Asian countries.

It is noteworthy that the international community has decided to lift sanctions on the Islamic Republic after the signing of the nuclear deal between Tehran and major powers, under which Iran is committed to its implementation the transparency of its peaceful Alnowi.anthy / 25 to prove