Parliament of reform and development
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    Parliament of reform and development

    Parliament of reform and development


    Haitham Hamid said the role of the Iraqi parliament is to enact laws, and the representation of the various interests of the voters. And discuss and develop political priorities and the allocation of resources that directly affect people's lives. And supervision of the executive branch The Council of Representatives of Iraq is as a balance against the executive branch and Housot voters in the formation of the government and policy-making, and in the fact that the House of Representatives is the main forum for debate on public policy and the place to find intermediate solutions and building unanimous opinion, Vlcil Representatives direct impact on the policies that support and raise the standard of living for poor layers, and that the presence of deputies of the actor "a strong parliament" means ensuring the existence of democracy and the rule of law, human rights and vice versa.

    What is parliamentary development?
    Parliamentary development includes activities aimed at strengthening the role of the House of Representatives in the ruling circle, the main objective of this development is to promote and improve the ability of the House of Representatives, "the parliamentary and legislative and oversight." Accordingly, the activities that are made to achieve this goal can be long or short, in several areas (legal and parliamentary knowledge, the development work of the committees, the course of the legislative drafting skills, technological and linguistic basic knowledge, research and technical and managerial skills path, specialized administration path, path budget and economic policy analysis, the path of the development of library programs, media development, parliamentary, support the work of the member).

    The challenges and the areas of institutional development in the House of Representatives. There are serious challenges to the development of parliamentary work in the House of Representatives must be taken into account, most notably the delay in the development process itself, until it became a matter of necessity for the treatment of deteriorating conditions rather than a deliberate attempt to progress and keep abreast of developments, the real parliamentary work balance in the House of Representatives has fallen in the eyes of public opinion, internal and external to a large extent, and became this work represents the personal views of the completed onion representatives Hakiqin of the people, and these are some pointers: - Continuous cracking in the status of the moral and literary to a member of the House of Representatives because of the "scandals number of deputies, in corruption and terrorism and fraud issues ... and other" or even the spread of absenteeism on the work of the House of Representatives and its meetings, thereby shaking the image the House of Representatives as a whole, and especially the media level. Passion and citizens waiting to cause a change in the national political life.

    The seriousness of the economic transformations and communication and the inability of contemporary House of Representatives from participating in events and guide those transformations, while his work is limited to balancing Altsot laws and conventions. A high degree of liquidity class, raised the question of how representative political institutions of the forces of social and balances changing, and the question of equitable representation of the social categories (age, professional and quality) in the legislative institution compared to the great weight relative to the business. Collision legislative policy with some contemporary global trends, represented in the Council's position for the organization of work in civil society and the private sector, on the one hand, and human rights on the other hand. That ironically erotic attention on the issue of the development of parliamentary work it cope with the demands of citizens introducing concrete reforms in the executive branch, and modernization of the public policy of the state, as well as the expansion of freedom of expression of citizens and increase the exchange space in the political arena and the Iraqi media, and even improve the government's image in the public opinion ... .

    It's which highlighted the extent of the delay in the reform movement and development due to the structure and the work of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

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