Iraqi parliamentary claims to recover money smuggled

Friday January 22, 2016 16:06

More than two hundred billion dollars of Iraqi funds, international banks present in the names of Iraqis. This is what I said exposed an international parliamentarians demanded the reports of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity check the sources of the money and retrieve them getaway.

Said Abdul Kahar al-Samarrai, a member of the House of Representatives: "The nature of the money but did not reveal the names of Iraqis are earmarked for international banks and funds, and integrity are supposed to withdraw the names."

Chenkali Majid, a member of the House of Representatives that "the adequacy of those funds to the state treasury for three years without any export of a barrel of oil at the moment."

Retrieve the money, according to the parliamentary committee of the Iraqi Integrity requires Aldoblomaseh make unremitting efforts to conclude bilateral agreements with countries that banks retain much of the money.

High Nassif, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee considered that "For the money, there must be coordination between all state institutions and the Integrity Commission and the Integrity Commission, and there must be agreements with many countries which rebounded because of the money."

Followers believe that if the Iraq succeeded in retrieving the money smuggled in international banks, so it will be able to catch a large part of the economic crisis experienced by the country due to low oil prices.