Jabr statement announcing his retirement!

Qais Star Friday, 22 January 0.2016

Losing and frustration lamps, stepped land integrity, and banner Alasstzlam Rverwrt above Massadik creativity, it has raised the media, and the pages have dried, and became the character a sword, between the Old and the New Testament, he said Bayan Jabor retire, not to answer Atraat losers, and this is the essence of technique and tactics, At the same time, the dirty have no place in the city of achievement and development Valkhanavs, either verbal retire, he is eloquent victory that culminated with the Ministry of Transport, Bozerha Mr. Bayan Jabr, the real work is and achievement, it is talking about the corrupt despite the horns!

Sound Pacific stronger than shouting, and polite defeated insolence, and humility destroys vanity, and stiffness in the right and boldness in subtraction, form factors, the direction of thinking, in addressing the obstacles the past and restoration, in the work of the Ministry of Transport, and pay attention to the implementation of serious steps in the reform, and the prosecution of corrupt heads, not distract time about Altsagaitih campaigns, and untruths deviant media, in pursuit of fame in vice and decadence forums, and it had to be the Minister Mujahid, to leave this arena infested, and works in the arena of creativity, as a soldier is not afraid in the right to blame.

Zubaidi, the assumption of several positions, and was nominated for another, though Del, it shows the ability of this man in the leadership, and influence others, Commander successful is one of the leading and driven by, and always feel that he is one of working with the group, not their boss, using wisdom, and know-how, experience , and integrity in dealing with the group, the response to the losers retiring, does not score a victory for the corrupt, it is a particular strength, Lydon victory later and eternal and universal, which seeks to him, His work worthy of the glory which he is the author of the Ministry when I receive, the rubble fault tolerance unforgivable , but he managed to avoid most of his wisdom.

Conclusion: The miscarriage campaigns, though long, they will not last long, because it is artificial in advance, be an emergency situation, such as their makers, so disappointed their reaction and saying, sooner or later, will not be valid unless the right, Fassash corruption want to facilitate government institutions, as the days of government failure and wastage, they roam money Iraq length and breadth, without any accountability or sergeant, and the situation they want however they want, and the innocent spin departments and bodies, whether buried or not, they do not want only to escape with their wealth haraam wealth Sacred, while al-Zubaidi Fmkanh between his family and its people, and will remain lookout for them, like a sword on the necks of corrupt!