Council of Basra, refusing to renew the application of the customs tariff law in the south, only outlets
Thursday January 21, 2016
- 14:46
Basra Governorate Council renewed his refusal to apply the law of customs tariff in the south outlets and specifically Basra ports are not implemented in the Kurdistan region ports after the Ministry of Finance issued recently a book that would bring the activation of this law, which has been postponed until the completion of the work readiness of ports.
The Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Investment Aqeel al-Khalidi in a statement to Radio tow the provincial council confirmed its previous decision to reject the application of customs tariff law, especially after we sent the Ministry of Finance a book spends its application to all ports without exception.
And between Khalidi that bring out the goods leave, or what is known as the (manifest) issued by the Kurdistan Regional outlets confirm that the application of these ports to the law, which is intended to apply in Basra ports.
Khalidi said that the council supported the face of the documents that confirm that the application in the Kurdistan region of the law to the representatives of Basra in the House of Representatives in order to put forward, as well as directing the Directorate of Customs south not to be applied in all ports south books.
Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on 7 August 2015 that al-Abadi face to postpone the introduction of new customs tariff until ensure the readiness of all border crossings to apply.
The office said in a statement seen by Radio tow, "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi postpone the face of the new customs tariff of work, while ensuring the readiness of all border crossings to enforce the law, away from the corruption and double standards."
The bureau added that "al-Abadi face of the Ministry of Finance snapped all necessary measures to ensure this."
It is noteworthy that the head of the Basra Governorate Council morning Albzona accompanied by a number of members of the Council and deputy governors, returned on 6 August 2015, the commercial traffic in the perpetrators of the Shalamjah east of the province, and Safwan southwest of the city, and admitted cargo trucks according to the previous customs tariff, declaring that the application of the provincial council's decision Basra rejecting the application of the new customs tariff in the south outlets without Kurdistan, and with Albzona stressed that the courts will be al-Faisal, who objected to the decision of the Council of customs departments or the central government, between the application of the new tariff caused losses to the state treasury did not achieve Erdat which have been long awaited.
The House voted in principle, in the May 7, 2015, to wait in the application of the customs tariff law.