Parliament: Error flag "Baathist put" the Secretariat of the Conference of Parliaments were corrected

2001 2016
Secretary General of the Council of Representatives and member of the Supreme Preparatory Committee of the Conference of the Union of Islamic Parliaments declared a slogan for the flag of the former regime in the paper of the conference, which was launched in Baghdad this morning table to correct an error.

Ayad said Namik told all of Iraq [where] "This bug was corrected which may occur in each conference," noting that "the General Secretariat of the Conference is the agenda of printed papers and not the Iraqi Preparatory Committee."

He stressed, "it was subject to avoid and resolve the problem after the Conference Secretariat Report this error and have to withdraw these papers and modify the Iraqi flag in which the slogan".

The paper work of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference of the parliaments of the Islamic Union, which kicked off this morning in the capital Baghdad schedule revealed the existence of the old Iraqi flag, which was adopted by the Baath Party regime.

Organization of this Committee adopted the flag during the opening of the conference, headed by Parliament Speaker Salim al.

And a young man organizing the conference, which will run until 25 this month, several observations of receiving delegations participating in the Baghdad airport and the headquarters of their residence countries.

He was in the parliamentary Finance Committee member of the detection of the amount allocated as the cost to set up a conference between 6 and 7 billion dinars [approximately US $ 6 million] which is a very large number requires review and we fear that it will be exaggerated uncontrollably exchange "urged" to reduce this amount. "

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