The government is taking citizen gasket to rescue the financial crisis, "activating taxes" (exciting details)

19-01-2016 08:45 PM

Orbit -

In light of the financial and economic crisis in Iraq, the Iraqi government imposed taxes on cars, cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, Kartat shipping and the Internet in order to get out of the financial Haunted, taken citizen collar rescue to prevent the trend to diversify their sources of revenue.

The MP for the coalition of state law Jassim Mohammed al-Bayati in a press statement, that 'the budget imposed on the citizens' taxes on the grounds the law that the citizen who sells and buys cars have the financial possibilities of being able to pay those taxes ', adding that' the state tried to change its revenue away from oil and tended to other aspects.

'He added that' taxes in developed countries of important issues they have ', adding that' the government that taxes not levied on issues affecting the livelihood of people and the issues that affect their lives but were imposed by what he called side Al'altrfaita '.

He pointed out, that 'has to be the participation of citizens in the development of and the creation of infrastructure through the payment of such taxes', pointing out that 'the decision can only be canceled by the House of Representatives.

"For his part, the economic and investment commission parliamentary member Harith al-Harthy, in a press statement, that' the tax law in Iraq is disabled since 2003 ', adding that' taxes and featured in all countries of the world.

'He added that' there are measurements of goods is essential in addition to the taxes levied on basic tax ', stressing that' the delay in its application because of the wait in Tishri new tax law this law may malfunction '.

He said, that' every citizen to pay his belongings tax, which acquired ', stressing' the need to implement the tax code.

"He pointed out, that 'Iraq is passing through circumstance security difficult and they have to be there to support the situation logistical security forces in this circumstance especially as they need the money ', calling on' people to participate with the government to bring the money to help the forces that Alamnah'modha 'taxes will contribute to the salvation of the financial crisis'.

What was seen as an economist Abdul Hassan Shammari in a press statement, the Iraqi An'mozv material and put it getting worse It is not possible trend towards employee for taxation attributing the cause that he suffers from not having a salary often delayed or salary.

'He added that' the imposition of taxes on traders could lead to Arvataa food prices and commodity ', noting that' Iraq is suffering now of a comprehensive economic crisis '.

He called on the government to' put certain processors and take bold decisions by the House of Representatives and the ministers in order to overcome the financial crisis of 2016 ', calling for' the issuance of a legislative decision granting tax more flexibility by encouraging citizens to pay those taxes. "

A source in the Ministry of Finance, on Tuesday, said the decision to impose a tax return for the year 2015 is supposed to be applied during the current year did not issue any decision so far on to start their application.

The government source revealed, earlier in the day Tuesday, about to start applying the taxes and tariffs customs on cars, alcohol and cigarettes, stressing that car prices will rise by 20% .