The full text of the speech delivered by the President of the House of Representatives Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, the House of Representatives during the session on Tuesday
January 19, 2016

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished members of the House of Representatives
peace be upon you

In the beginning I congratulate you with the start of the new legislative term of the new year, wishing you the Iraqi and our people peace, security and stability also congratulate on behalf of the Iraqi Council of our people, the House of Representatives and the people of Anbar province, in particular the large gains made ​​by the Iraqi our military and security forces and volunteers heroes, proving day after day rout Daash terrorist organization criminal and despair.

Sisters and brothers representatives of the Iraqi people
Day after day we become at stake in the choice of going to state-building and maintenance of the Constitution and protect the sovereignty and the rule of law, while standing at an intersection in the selection of state or non-state, the regime or chaos, discipline or recklessness and play the destiny of the country and the stability and future.

What happened in Babylon, Basra province, and most recently Muqdadiyah indicates the seriousness of the situation while cruising Almtfelt weapon and criminal groups roads and threaten the security of society and overcome the will of the state and engaged in sabotage, murder and the destruction of mosques and the threat of civil peace and raise their arms in broad daylight overall security men sometimes is lurking with security men altogether, and with the knowledge and participation of silence and even the security men altogether and confiscate the will of the state and its decision in the scene can not be explained or justified only in the framework of the country to go into the unknown.

Hence he became thus inevitable move hard to statesmen and political blocs and sovereign institutions, led by the Iraqi Council of Representatives as on the representation of the people and control the performance of Mussat State and accounting in order to take a firm and clear position towards what is happening from the loose and chaos did not stop threatening the security of Iraqi citizens, as the security ministries, led by the Commander in Chief of the armed forces bear the responsibility for providing security and stability so we find is imperative that implementation of paragraph display security leaders on the House of Representatives for a vote.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Has become imperative for the executive and the judiciary that Takma their role in the move strictly for the maintenance of the security and sovereignty of the state and not leaving room for wanton state security and not leaving room for wanton state security and the introduction at the hands of the criminal terrorist groups challenging the brave fighters in the arena of confrontation Daash in their backs while messing stability of safe cities, and threaten the safety of the homeland and the citizen.

God save Iraq and its people from all evil and God bless his men heroes on the battlefield in Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh and all fronts and shame terrorist Daash and criminal groups and mercy for our martyrs and heal the wounded and the splendor and glory of Iraq and the peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you

*** information Office
The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives