Mudhir Janabi: Covening national meeting before the Arab Summit a positive step.
10/03/2012 12:04:00

Baghdad/ NINA /--MP, Mudhir Janabi for the Iraqiya Slate coalition said : " Covening the national meeting by all the political blocs before holding the planned Arab Summit conference in Baghdad consist a real positive step consolidating Iraq's united political stand as the foreword leader of the next term of Arab summit .

He said in a statement to NINA : "The recent calls made to postpone holding the national meeting until after the summit is not in favor of Iraq, especially since Iraq currently undergoing a critical period , therefore the political leaders must demonstrate ability to rehabilitate the vital role that Iraq can play effectively among the Arab countries.

He confirmed that the IS , will raise problematic political process during the Arab summit of Baghdad in the light of procrastination and delay of convening the national meeting. "Stressing on tow options that the National Alliance especially the State of Law headed by PM, Nuri Maliki To choose , either to hold the national meeting and settling of all disputes by implementing of the reached provisions of Arbil agreement under which the current government was formed , or that the ongoing problems will be raised at the Arab summit of Baghdad.