It called for the support and development of the private sector and to enhance confidence between the President infallible confirms the depth and specificity of relations with Saudi Arabia

Union: The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, the depth and specificity of relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, expressing confidence the possibility of developing and expanding Otraltaaon between the two countries in order to serve peace and prosperity in the region. The President of the Republic during the receipt of the Peace Palace in Baghdad yesterday adoption of the new Saudi ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Thamer Sabhan, the importance of the historical relations which people of both countries gathered and the need to expand the frameworks of cooperation in economic, cultural and security fields all hello to initiate the new Saudi ambassador to his duties in Baghdad papers. The President of the Republic of Iraq's willingness to work for the success of the new Saudi ambassador tasks in Iraq, expressing appreciation for the outstanding attention given by the Saudi leadership to the friendly relations between the two brotherly peoples. For his part, the transfer of Sabhan to President infallible greetings of Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, stressing his determination to make every possible effort in order to develop relations between the two countries.
This, said the Saudi ambassador to Iraq, Thamir Sabhan, which is the first ambassador of his country in Baghdad after a break of more than 25 years that Saudi Arabia wanted to "return Iraqis to normal status." Saudi Al-Riyadh newspaper quoted Ambassador Sabhan say during handed over a copy of his credentials to the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, as an ambassador for his country in Iraq leaves "that the Kingdom respects the sovereignty of Iraq and is good for him and his people, and expects the Iraqis to put their hands in her hands for the advancement of Iraq and his return to put it natural to achieve his security and stability and its people prosperity and development. " The Saudi ambassador to the Kingdom's keenness According to the newspaper "to its relations Iraq and its people, and its keenness as well as its unity, security and stability." And Saudi Arabia has opened its embassy in Iraq in 31 of the last month and Thamer Sabhan take over his duties at the embassy was a military attache at its embassy in Saudi Arabia in Lebanon.
President of the Republic Fuad Masum also received on Tuesday head of the Integrity Commission, Dr. Hassan al-Yassiri, and discussed ways to support the work of the Commission. He praised the work of the Commission and its efforts in the proper application of procedures and investigations, and stressed the importance of focusing on exposing corruption files, and activation of the legal and practical measures to ensure the trapping of the phenomenon of corruption among citizens without discrimination for any reason. For his part, the price Yasiri President infallible support the Commission's work and interest in follow-up achievements, pointing to the significant progress in resolving many of the issues inherited.
On the other hand, the President Fuad Masum, stressed the need to redouble intensive and fast to support and develop the private sector and the promotion of confidence in him efforts, calling to encourage the employment of national investment and attract foreign investment in the vital economic projects, particularly in the industrial, tourism and agricultural fields and services. This came during a meeting Tuesday sovereignty delegation from the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and included President of the Federation Mr. Jaafar al-Hamdani Messenger and Dr. Wael Abdul Latif head of the Baghdad Centre for International Commercial Arbitration as well as economic figures and members of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce of the private sector. President infallible also stressed the importance of issuing legislation necessary to support and provide the foundations of success to finance private sector projects and banking procedures, calling for the provision of climates and economic opportunities for the private sector to play a more active role in addressing the current economic crisis, stressing the importance of eliminating the administrative slack in the relevant state institutions relationship, as well as providing security and legal protection for foreign investment. President infallible and expressed his belief triumph inevitable near Iraq on terrorism, reiterating its confidence established the ability of the Iraqis to overcome all current problems, noting that Iraq's rich countries, including possession of human potential and expertise as well as natural and aquatic wealth and that vector to the stability and prosperity and to promote a strong and developed country keen on the interests of all its citizens and the future of all its components. For his part, the price of delegation from the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce and directions of the president also thanked him for his interest in continuing to support the private sector, and the Delegation expressed the need to support sovereignty in the areas of the issuance of legislation and resolutions to address belonging to the private sector, supporting and activating the export laws and re-export and the application of what came in the government statement debt on the development of national production and the protection of national non-governmental projects. The delegation also handed over an invitation to the President of the Republic to take care of the Conference and the Arab Federation of Chambers of Commerce Greek to be held soon, organized by the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce.