$ 300 million in deals for emerging companies in the region's «2015»

1901 2016
Middle East and North Africa region has a pilot environment «up to the global average for Entrepreneurship or rapprochement significantly», according to the Global Entrepreneurship 2016 guide Global Entrepreneurship Index. Where Emirates tops the list of countries where the entrepreneurial environment to flourish, it has chosen the most successful start-ups in which to adopt the main headquarters.

Proof of this is that during the year 2015 only, got start-up companies in the United Arab Emirates on a total of $ 105 million in undeclared deals, was the largest share of the company's share Careem «cream» which got a $ 60 million investment in the third financing round Series C.

As that success is not limited to Dubai alone, Lebanon is almost equivalent to the number of transactions in the United Arab Emirates with 14 announcing an investment, but the latter in Lebanon not only the amount of $ 21.1 million, a grouping of five the amount collected in Dubai 15 deal.

In Jordan, the two companies got Nahitan, «the subject» Mawdoo3 and «Maksd Dimensions» Mixed Dimensions Inc, a total of $ 2.55 million. But it is likely to exceed the value of the group amounts to $ 4.5 million, after the first rounds of Series A funding carried out by each of the «tomato» Tamatem and «Gate to Play» Gate2Play and other companies, and declined to give details.

On the other hand, Egypt witnessed the signing «Karam Solar» KarmSolar deal worth $ 17 million for the installation of the power plant of solar energy and operate outside the official network, and get my company «Yakoth» Yaoota and «hired» Wuzzuf on investments worth $ 4.4 million, and reach deals the acquisition of all of the «immediate» Fawry and «ask» Otlob a total of $ 112 million.

Even countries that do not usually receive much attention, this year surprised us successful deals. Morocco saw the acquisition of «Taxi» Taxiii and 32 percent of «Mutir.ma» Moteur.ma shares, and Palestine known collection «Aamsavr» Yamsafer and «Battuta» Batuta for 6 million dollars.

As for Kuwait, wherein the largest acquisition in the Arab region remains since 2009, a share of the company «demands» Talabat »which has completed a deal worth $ 170 million.

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