National Coalition calls for the government statement Abadi need to plan and implement national reconciliation


BAGHDAD / new evidence

Move the head of the parliamentary bloc of the National Coalition MP Kazem Al Shammari the gift in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi «wishes of the national coalition led by Iyad Allawi to bypass this Almnhnh and transit boat to Iraq's most stable and secure other West».
The Shammari in the letter that the National Coalition believes that «eating government Abadi and management to the issue of the Minister of Trade was in it unfair and Gabbana obscene nationalism and did not take into account the legal foundations of the constitutional, and showed a clear double standard policy, as there are ministers and ministries dealt with financial control reports and confirmed in the presence of an outbreak corruption and pointed out various media for those ministries and to the rampant cases of corruption ... However, despite all of the above did not deal the government and the Integrity Commission, unfortunately, as with those cases dealt with the Minister of Trade »