Infallible: lifting sanctions on Iran would be in the interests of "security" of the region!

Dated: January 18, 2016

Baghdad / Iraq News Network President Fuad Masum said that the implementation of the nuclear agreement Iran will affect positively on Iraq and contribute to the stability of Almntqh.oreh infallible in a statement today the decision of the lifting of international sanctions imposed on Iran, saying: "The implementation of this resolution will reflect positively on all the peoples of region ". He expressed his confidence that the lifting of sanctions on Iran under the Geneva agreement on Iran's nuclear program signed last July between Iran and the group [5 +1], would have a positive impact on Iran's relations with Iraq and all countries in the region and contribute to the protection of stability and promoting friendship and regional cooperation, especially in trade, cultural and energy fields, stressing that Iraq, which rejects the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region and the world, believes in the need not to ban the use of nuclear technology for the purposes of Asalmah.ookd infallible need for continued ways to negotiate to resolve other regional and international problems to serve the peoples of the region and the world and sparing human nuclear threats, armed conflict and eliminate terrorism Daim.ccant International Atomic Energy Agency announced last Saturday that Iran has fulfilled all its obligations related to the comprehensive joint action plan signed between the two parties which paves the way for the lifting of international sanctions imposed Alleha.ogery exchange of prisoners between Iran and the United States to coincide with the announcement of implementation of the nuclear deal plan with US President Barack Obama issued a decree to lift economic sanctions on Iran, including the release of billions of dollars in withheld for Tehran in international banks.