Oil: Iraq will turn into the biggest buyer of Iranian gas after the lifting of sanctions

January 18, 2016 18:53

Undersecretary of the Oil Ministry Hamid Reza said, I am "Iraq turns into Akbar buyer of Iranian gas."
He said in a press statement that "we have seen in the past years to expand domestic gas network and strengthen cooperation with other countries to increase the share of gas trade in the country at the international level."
And the satisfaction that "the lifting of sanctions on Iran will lead to the prosperity of the gas industry in the country," adding that "The oil ministry has planned and invested in a South Pars gas fields and has given priority and for this we will see increasing the volume of gas production in Iraq."
He pointed to "own gas export contracts to Iraq," stressing that "Iraq with access to 40-65 million cubic meters of gas will turn into the biggest buyer of Iranian gas."
He stressed that "Iran can export gas to neighboring countries by the establishment of relations based on logic and reason in the period after the sanctions."
The Iraq and Iran have signed an agreement in 2013 under which Iran starts gas export to Iraq to feed the three power stations in Baghdad and Diyala, but after more than two years after the export process did not start.
He announced the director of international affairs for the National Gas Company of Iran Azizullah Ramadan earlier this month from the export of Iranian gas to Iraq within the end of March to mid-June 2016.
Iranian gas and will be provided under the agreement Baghdad quantity of export of 4 million cubic meters per day and will increase to 35 million cubic meters per day, while providing Basra 5 million cubic meters per day, a year after the signing of the contract [in 2016] and will increase to 30 million cubic meters per day.
The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has signed on 22 July 2013 of an important contract is the first of its kind with the Iranian Oil Ministry for processing natural gas, for a period of four years, subject to renewal, and at world market prices