Finance acted salaries this month and assured everyone to continue to be paid without delay

January 18, 2016 18:53

The Ministry of Finance announced the payment of salaries to embrace the month of January this month.

It is according to a ministry statement that it "embarked on regardless and ministries of the State and its institutions, retirees and the social protection network staff salaries for the month of January, starting from January 17 this."

Oukalt and the Ministry of Finance, "will continue to pay salaries to all ministries and institutions according to the specific contexts and the previously approved without any delay."

The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari has warned in the fourth of this month that "2016 will be a difficult year for Iraq and that the government will not be able employees' salaries for the month of next April distribution, if the oil price remains low, pointing to the existence Options Kalaguetrad and raise the price of basic services and the sale of sovereign bonds ".

Zebari's remarks sparked reactions political and popular "reprehensible and some are angry" as referring to the government's inability to secure the payment of salaries to its employees what the Minister of Finance to be undone, stressing the government's commitment to pay salaries. "

For his part, Prime Minister's Office Haider al-Abadi, the government commitment to provide employees and retirees' salaries this year, said his spokesman Saad al-Hadithi "What quoted the Minister of Finance regarding salaries may be misunderstood or translation [of the Kurdish language to Arabic] has been issued it last statement explained the government's position to secure salaries. "

The newborn "We emphasize that the government is committed to providing financial cover to ensure that employees and retirees and social network as well as the salaries of the war on terrorism and face the security challenges being essential requirements"