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    Open "Trebil" border crossing soon 1=18

    Open "Trebil" border crossing soon

    January 18, 2016

    Twilight News / announced a Jordanian government official, for the reopening of his country's border with Iraq for commercial goods movement soon.
    He said that the border will be opened officially in front of the flow of goods between the two countries in the near future. He stated that "Trebil border crossing will be opened in the next few days, and with the end of the month at the latest, depending on the readiness of the Iraqi side, which has taken the necessary arrangements to open the border."

    This comes at a time when Iraq adopted a new ambassador him in Jordan on Monday, which took over the Foreign Ministry and the affairs of expatriates copy of the adoption of the new Iraqi Ambassador Safia al-Suhail papers, accredited ambassador and a resident of the country to the Kingdom.

    The Iraqi consulate in Amman permanently stopped ratification export bills flying to Iraq by "Trebil" border crossing for security reasons, in 13 of July last, which means stop the trade in practice the process, and the closure of a formal border.

    Iraq is President artery agricultural and industrial Jordanian exports, in addition to Syria, but after that fighters seized control Daash on the Iraqi city of Ramadi, the border with Jordan, Jordanian exports stopped to Iraq is almost entirely except for some exports that pass through the sea.

    The city of Ramadi, which lies about Baghdad, about 108 kilometers, important for trade between Iraq and Jordan and Syria, as it is linked to lines of transportation Links with the capital Baghdad.
    A report issued by the "Amman Chamber of Industry", the room fell exports to the Iraqi market by 26 per cent.

    He warned that the continued closure of the border crossings with Iraq would lead to the closure of many factories that goes the bulk of its production to the Iraqi market; and thus lay off thousands of workers, and the consequent risk to Social Security.
    It is noteworthy that the number of Jordanian factories that exported its products to Iraq 2014 by Amman Chamber of Industry data amounted to 761 industrial facilities, while that number dropped in 2015 to 568 facility.

    The total Jordanian exports to Iraq in 2013, which is the second largest market for Jordan, about $ 1.5 billion, while the balance tends Commerce, which represents the difference between the value of imports and exports between the two countries, to the benefit of Jordan.
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