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Iraq responds to World Council: gold reserves exceeding the 91 tons

Baghdad/range press The Iraqi Central Bank, confirmed on Sunday that the gold reserves has not declined since the year 2012. While noting that the reserve currently stands at more than 91 tons, the majority of the gold reserves deposited in banks, after a report by the World Gold Council which confirmed that Iraq's reserves of gold 89.8 tons only.

He said General Manager version and cupboards in the CBI HostMonster's charity (range) that "Iraq reserves of gold exceeds the 90 tons, gold reserves of the Bank has not decreased and not drag it or dispose of it." HostMonster added that "a small proportion of the reserves stored in the vaults of the Central Bank and the largest in the world," banks said, adding that "Iraq reserves in 2004 was 4 tons, could Central Bank between 2011 and 2012 buy 87 tons of lifting up the gold to 91 tons". And if the World Gold Council, Saturday (2016, 1, 16), Iraq reserves of gold reached 89.8 tons, while it represents 4.6 percent of its reserves of foreign currency, he said Iraq ranked 37th among 100 State possessing gold reserves.