Nuri sectarian blood being .. ..!

Nazim al-Abadi

Friday January 15.2016

It is no secret word to the wise reader, that the problems experienced by the world today, of war and austerity and corruption .. is because of the reign of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki .. It is the responsibility -kavh - what happened to the disintegration of community -ogerh- and an imbalance in the civil peace in Iraq..

And the nation pay the price .. .. blood and symptoms of generations and land ..

In spite of the fact that al-Maliki is the engine of sectarian ... but the Shiite political parties and Sunni-Galba- stood with the continuation of the rule of al-Maliki .. and in tune with the escalating sectarian dirty political purposes .. and point out that the most important evidence:

First: the escalation of sectarian - by the parties and Afradha- in Aalamyatem, in tune with the sectarian engine .. and the clearest example of what he had done in Mishan Vdhaiath (people) .. the day in the same trench with Maliki ..

Second, it used the Shiite parties and private advocacy and virtue energies - all - to serve sectarian mobilization.

Third, religious harmony satellite TV and a private -alhieih and Sunni - with sectarian engine ..

This was the whole, in line with the scheme Biden, the US, aimed at provoking conflict between Iraqi factions in preparation for his divisive .. Unfortunately, with support from some Gulf and Iranian authorities (People) ..

And not the goal of this last description lines that everyone knows .. but to guard against the continuing sectarian Maliki engine to pour oil on the fire ..

Something that each lesson .. and our people -aleom- pay the price of silence about injustice al-Maliki and his corrupt .. .. As a reminder that Mr. al-Sadr tried to bring down al-Maliki in 2012 .. However, the majority of Shiite and Sunni parties stood against him .. as well as opposition Talabani ..!

And aspects of the question of the continental word to the wise .. what is the price of the continuation of the rule of al-Maliki after 2012 ..?