Starting wide operations to target "the heads of organized crime" in Diyala

2016-01-14 18:33:25 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Detection senior security source in Diyala province, on Thursday, the launch of an extensive operation to target the heads of organized crime in the province, stressing that the wanted lists of more than 120 is required.

The source said the "joint security forces launched since the early morning hours, in large-scale operations, which included several administrative units in Diyala targeting the heads of organized crime involved kidnapping, extortion and the threat of societal security."

The source, who asked not to be named, said that "operations orders came directly from the capital, Baghdad, to strengthen the rule of law," adding that "the wanted lists of more than 120 required the current time."

The source continued that "the activation of arrest warrants against the organized crime capital will enhance the internal stability and end the state of public concern Ntjah kidnappings that began remarkably spread in some private Baquba and Muqdadiyah areas of Diyala the past weeks."

The Diyala province has seen a steady rise in kidnapping operations in some areas especially Baquba and Muqdadiyah.