The first initiative to confront the financial crisis in the region ..
Soran - brotherhood
Pursuant to the instructions of Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government for the rationalization of government spending Council in various provincial institutions, the local government has taken the initiative in the district of Soran in Erbil governorate to merge a number of buildings of government departments, especially those leased from citizens and declared Mayor eliminate Mr. Kermanj attributed to the elimination includes 66 government department has initiated Within the reform process adopted by the government and Kaul spend in the region to integrate buildings, many of these departments on the way to reduce costs and increase revenues to the treasury of the government so as to provide 100 million dinars per month as well as the performance of those services better, and in all areas and recording nearly (2000) a shop and tackle the problem of some land within the residential areas and distributed among the citizens to meet specific sums of money and other administrative procedures Implementation of this project, which has been submitted to the prime minister of the provincial council to collect billions of dinars in fees governmental and other .. The administration Soran includes the districts of Soran and Rawanduz and Ghuman and Mirga Sur.