The distribution of 8,000 housing units between citizens in the province of Arbil


Arbil - brotherhood
Mr. Derbaz Kosirt announced Messenger Minister of Construction and Housing in the Kurdistan Regional Government that the intention of the ministry, and depending on some local investors to implement several housing projects strategy in major cities of the province first is set to be the first to complete the project in the city of Arbil during the month and includes (8000) Unit residential and distributed among the citizens, the minister said he will be the establishment of similar projects in the provinces of Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk also, along with an ambitious future program in the districts, counties and will be distributed to those housing units for citizens of non-beneficiaries of the land and government privileges and married the distribution of newly employees The implementation of such projects , according to the minister, addressing the side of the housing crisis in the province of Kurdistan.