Nechirvan Barzani: edit Mosul needs another six months


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Announced the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Mr. Barzani, the Peshmerga forces freed all the Kurdish areas of control Daash terrorist organization, he pointed out that the Federal Army needs another six months to be able to start the battle of Mosul. Journalist working at CNN and the news that the US conducted, Christiane Amanpour, an interview with Barzani on Tuesday addressed the issue of fighting against the terrorist Daash.
Prisoners have Daash
The first question of the prisoners held by the Daash, said Nechirvan Barzani, the capital of Arbil, "Although our potential limited; but we so far from ridding 2400 people from the grip of Daash, half of them children." He pointed to the establishment of a center to bring those prisoners held by the Daash, but he explained that the extrication process in need of international assistance.
Mosul battle will not be easy
The battle of the restoration of Mosul ongoing and its settings, another aspect of the dialogue, said Nechirvan Barzani, "I think that the battle will not be easy, because the Mosul tough city and put it differently, Valmousel important for Daash and us as well." It happened in Ramadi was a great victory for the Iraqi army, with So I do not think that the Iraqi army would be prepared to battle the restoration of the city (Mosul) in another six months.
The demands of the Kurdistan Region from the international community
He said the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, he Daash to eliminate the terrorist Kurdistan Region needs more military and economic aid. And on the elimination of the organization's strategy, Amanpour pointed out that the Peshmerga and one of the most power effective in the fight against terrorism, "and wondered what he needs Kurdistan region to fight this battle. Lord Nechirvan Barzani said:" It was a fighting strategy against Daash represented yet in a pose and not the judiciary it, but if the international community wanted to end this global threat, it must increase aid to the Kurdistan Region. "
He added that "the coalition countries, especially America, so far has provided a lot of assistance to the Kurdistan Region in the fight against Daash, but because of the deteriorating economic situation of the province, we need more international aid." He went on, saying that the Peshmerga forces triumphed in defeat and expulsion from the organization Daash Lands region. He said, "All the Kurdish areas is restored, as has been restored some areas by the Peshmerga, areas were not important to the region of Kurdistan (such as Mosul Dam), but was restored as part of the Iraqi army."
Daash increased the number of foreign fighters
And the number of foreign fighters in the ranks of Daash, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region said, according to the information received last year; it has joined the 15 thousand armed foreigners in the ranks of Daash, but the number has now risen to 35 thousand, that number has increased ", which shows that the fight against Daash in Iraq and Syria need a comprehensive strategy. the possibility of the collapse of the Mosul Dam and about the possibility of the collapse of the Mosul Dam, Nechirvan Barzani said that if that happens, the great catastrophe will occur in Mosul and the general federal Iraq, so can not make way for this to happen. He pointed out that a federal Iraq told them that A company will start work soon on solving the problems of the dam, so he hoped the disaster not occurred.