Economist: rumors and declining supply of foreign currency behind the rise in dollar prices

January 13, 2016 16:53

Baghdad / nina:
Affirmed a specialist in economic affairs lion Muhammad Ali that falling supply dollar as a result of declining oil revenues and rumors, and behind the rise in dollar prices in the domestic market.

Ali said in a statement to the Iraqi News / nina / National Agency that "the decline in oil prices led to a decline in revenues Iraq dollar due to sell a Maevrd put amounts less than Atarmen by the central bank, which led to by the rumors raise the value of the dollar by the Bank to the high exchange rate.

"Between," The central bank was quick to common deny the fact that the current exchange rate fixed budget and can not be change, noting that the Bank follow the mechanisms to ensure the arrival of the dollar more broadly to the market.

"He pointed to the existence of some speculators who are working to raise prices as a result of the absence of laws and mechanisms more streamlined to provide the dollar on a large scale for small Asirvat and citizens directly.