Central Bank denies break into the premises and stop selling the dollar and warns of "rumors"

Author: AR, HH
Editor: AR, HH, NS

2016/01/13 14:26

Long-Presse / Baghdad
The central bank denied on Wednesday reports that break into the premises, the center of Baghdad, and stopped selling the dollar operations, and as he emphasized the continued currency sale and meet the market needs of the dollar, warned of "rumors that confuse the Iraqi market."

A statement issued by the Central Bank received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, that "the past few days has seen some of the speculators and other abusive exploitation of the statements of some officials, politicians and otherwise manipulating exchange rates in the domestic market and most recently they launched rumors, including the storming of the central bank or the presence of lack of liquidity or stop selling the dollar operations. "

The statement added that "at a time when the central bank denied the rumors and baseless news altogether, it confirms the continuation of the work window sell the currency and meet the needs of the market in the light of the strength of the dollar reserves of foreign currency."

He called on the central bank according to the statement of citizens and the media to "be alert to these malicious rumors, which aims to confusion and confusion of the Iraqi market within the campaign waged by enemies to our dear country."

It is said that the Central Bank of Iraq denied on Saturday (January 92 016), his intention to edit the dinar exchange rate, and in attributing it to install its price in the budget agreement with the Government and the IMF, and not to damage citizens, counting to address the financial situation must be the advancement sectors "real".

The local economic actors called for the amendment of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar, to counter the impact of the economic crisis that the country is currently taking place as a result of decreased world oil prices.