Tamimi: total government debt during 2015 amounted to 482 billion dollars and 38 billion of oil revenues

01/12/2016 19:48 pm (Baghdad time)

Special-scales News
Revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi, said on Tuesday that the total domestic and foreign debt of Iraq during 2015 amounted to $ 482 billion in oil revenues after the resolution of the premium companies 38 billion dinars, while indicated that they will submit a detailed report to Parliament on the 2015 budget.

He said Tamimi's / scales News / she "will be presented in detail to the House of Representatives a report on the 2015 budget that includes all the financial data and paragraphs own budget."

She said a member of the parliamentary finance committee, that "total debt, which amounted to internal and external Iraq in last year's budget $ 482 billion, including $ 26 billion internal debt," indicating that "the sum of what is sold in the currency auction in 2015 reached $ 44 billion in total revenue Oil companies after premium deduction of $ 38 billion, a deficit of more than five billion dollars. "

Tamimi has become that "the number of loss-making companies 113 company for 44 profitable at a time when the government pays Trliunin and 700 billion dinars for the employees of companies with loans from banks amounted to cover loans of public companies 8 trillion dinars," pointing out that "to cover the salaries of retirees during 2015 amounted to 11 trillion dinars" afterthought, "said government advances exceeded 142 trillion dinars."

It is said that "a member of the economic and investment commission Majida al-Tamimi revealed's / scales News /, earlier, for Iraq's debts exceeded over Al73 billion dollars, while confirming that these debts include all debts of Arab and foreign countries" .anthy 29 / H 33