Parliament closer to the adoption of "conscription" as a substitute for the National Guard

2016-01-13 00:45:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary offered a proposal to re-conscription as an alternative for the project "National Guard" which faces numerous political reservations, which would impede the approval despite more than a year to put forward.

The parliamentary committee that the legislation is "National Guard" in light of the current circumstances and challenges "is difficult", and confirmed Asthsalha consent of a majority of the political blocs on the proposal.

The plans of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives held a meeting of the heads of political blocs, soon, to discuss points of contention that hinder legislation Guard Law, and will offer the possibility to replace conscription.

The head of parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, favored the adoption of the "National Guards" in the last session of the first legislative session, but the differences parliamentary returned the controversial draft staircase to the political blocs to further adjustments around.

And it led the parliamentary disputes, in September, to raise the draft law of the National Guard of the House of Representatives session agenda, last September 8.

He predicted Congress the year, the end of the year 2015, that is to postpone the adoption of the National Guard Law due to the lack of adequate financial allocations.

MP says of quitting, Chairman of the Security parliament, "blocs and political parties have not been able, over the past periods, to resolve their differences on the paragraphs of the draft National Guard Law," adding that "over time became differences and wide and deep, so the view of the Presidency of Parliament to postpone the talks and negotiations until the maturation of ideas and visions. "

He explained Zamili, in his speech (range), that "the parliamentary security committee put forward a new vision for re-conscription service as an alternative for the National Guard, which throws a pass objections from different political blocs law."

Zamili who seemed optimistic the adoption of a proposed new committee in the House of Representatives, said that "the idea of ​​conscription, which we presented different from what was in place in the former regime, which will determine the service to holders of university degrees six months and who do not have taken for a study of nine months while allowing those who do not want This service performance allowance to pay for it. "

He expresses a member of the Liberal bloc belief that "the idea of ​​conscription will eliminate sectarianism and nationalism and sectarianism through the imposition of compulsory service performance on all Iraqis away from ethnic or religious discrimination," pointing to his committee "will begin writing a proposed draft conscription law and submit it to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives ".

The MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Izz al-Din State revealed earlier, the existence of a political decision to re-National Guard Law to the government to modify the way that is consistent with the proposals put forward in the parliament, noting that the delay return relates only to administrative procedures.

Furthermore, confirms MP Hamid al-Mutlaq, Vice Chairman of the Security and Defense Committee that "the National Guard Law is still at a standstill because of the dispute over the representation ratio for each province and link it to any destination."

He says al-Mutlaq, told the (range), said that "what we want is to build a strong army would be through re-conscription as a substitute for the disputes facing the National Guard Law."

In turn, Nayef al-Shammari, a member of the Security and Defense Committee, said that "recognizes the political differences about the National Guard to the adoption of the law will pay irreplaceable law regulating military service."

He said al-Shammari, told the (range), that "most of the political blocs agreed to legislation compulsory service law across call certain born ways and new mechanism different from the past, and her features are encouraging unconditional as was the case in the past," pointing to "the existence of conviction among political blocs not to pass the National Guard Law in the House of Representatives. "

He denies morning Karbouli, legal adviser to the speaker of parliament, and the intention of the House of Representatives of the National Guard to restore law to the Government, referring to the "new negotiations will begin in the next legislative term will determine the issue of legislation National Guard Law."

He Karbouli, told the (range), that "the President of the House of Representatives will hold a meeting with the heads of the political blocs to resolve points of contention facing pass the National Guard Law, which include linking such a force, if formed, General Commander of the Armed Forces or the Minister of Defense."

Legal Advisor "and confirms the existence of alternative proposals for the National Guard Act as legislation law regulating conscription substitute for the National Guard in the event of stalled negotiations, the Speaker of Parliament and the political blocs."

Of Mohammad Sabah